Scope we cover

DEFINE BUILD AND INTERIOR is your gateway to diverse sources offurniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) from around the world. We leverageour trusted supply network to give you the best options for your plan.

Wherever your project, DEFINE is committing to send you a specialize technical guy to get the accurate measurements to make sure the production will fit your space, such as doors, wardrobe, cladding, etc.

We have extensive experience in the procurement of operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). These include: glassware, silver, linens, bath soaps and staff uniforms, as well as all your equipment needs for housekeeping and front office, in addition to in-room entertainment systems and leisure facilities.

We employ local installation teams with strong reputations in the industry. All DEFINE installation projects are managed in compliance with health and safety regulations, including risk management assessments and regular site inspections.

All hotel interior packages include





Coffee Shop

Conference Hall

Office Area


Gym Spa

Our Range Of Products

• Furniture

• Lighting

• Floor Covering

• Wall Covering & Wall Decoration

• Linen

• Bedding & Mattress

• OS&E

• Door Accessories

• Vanity Unit Set